Rotatable Wallwash Filter for AX9 Power Par

Rotatable Wallwash Filter for AX9 PowerPar – Precision lighting with a twist; adjustable to align the elliptical 17° x 46° beam on any surface.


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The Rotatable Wallwash Filter elevates the versatility of your AX9 PowerPar, crafted for instances where the lighting target deviates from the alignment offered by the standard wallwash filter. This premium PMMA accessory transforms the light into an elliptical 17° x 46° beam, ideal for nuanced wall washing or focused area illumination.

Its defining feature, the ability to rotate, allows precise adjustment of the beam's orientation to perfectly coincide with uneven or angular surfaces. This ensures a seamless and consistent lighting effect, essential for professional setups where precision is key.

Beyond its pivotal rotating function, the filter stands as a testament to robust design, promising longevity and reliability in demanding environments. It's an essential addition for lighting professionals who demand control and precision in their visual storytelling.

Enhance your lighting arsenal with the Rotatable Wallwash Filter to realize the full potential of your AX9 PowerPar, ensuring every surface is lit with intention and excellence.

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