Androokie Dummy E26 Lamp Socket – White

White E26 dummy lamp socket for NYX Practical LED Edison Bulbs. Includes lamp shade ring and M10-1.25 mount. No wiring required.


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Androokie Industries

Introducing the white Androokie Dummy E26 Lamp Socket, the ideal mounting solution for your NYX Practical LED Edison Bulbs. Designed as a non-electrical, dummy socket, this product perfectly secures your NYX bulbs when traditional, wired sockets are not necessary.

Measuring 2.25" H x 2.25" W/D with the shade ring and 2.25" H x 1.6" W/D without, this socket's versatile size fits seamlessly into various setups. It includes a white lamp shade ring for added decorative flair, along with an M10-1.25 mount for easy attachment to hardware.

This white socket adds a layer of aesthetic appeal and functional convenience to your lighting projects. It serves as a direct replacement for the same part found in the Androokie LED bulb kit and attaches to the Androokie LED bulb extension. This socket is also a direct replacement for the plastic portion of the LampSocket sold by Astera for use with the NYX PowerStation. Opt for this dummy socket to streamline your lighting setup, especially when using NYX bulbs that rely on an alternative DC power source.

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