Androokie Full Truss Plates

Extended steel plate for mounting two Androokie magnets on trusses. Integrated with a half cheesborough clamp, fits up to 2″ pipes.


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Androokie Industries

Enhancing the capabilities of truss systems, the Androokie Full Truss Plate provides an expanded surface suitable for two Androokie magnets. Fabricated from resilient steel, it boasts dimensions of 6.25" x 2 15/16" x 3/16", delivering both durability and the space to hold dual magnets effectively. Like its half-sized counterpart, it's integrated with a half cheesborough clamp, ready to grip pipes up to 2" in diameter. Adorned in a uniform black paint, it ensures a professional look while offering the sturdiness essential for mounting. A must-have tool for lighting technicians and stage managers aiming for a twin magnet setup.

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