Latch for Astera Charging Cases

Replace damaged latches (also called buckles) on your Astera charging case. Identify this latch by its unique design: a single arrow and no molded finger grips. Note: Reuse the pin from the old buckle for installation. This part comes without instructions; proceed with repairs at your own discretion. This latch is commonly found on cases for the following fixtures, among others: FP1 Titan, FP2 Helios, FP5 NYXBulb, FP6 HydraPanel, PB15 PixelBricks, AX1 PixelTube (MK2 case version), and AX3 LightDrop (MK2 case version).


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Upgrade and maintain your lighting gear's safety with our Astera Case Replacement Latch, the definitive solution for worn or damaged case buckles. This latch, distinguished by an embossed arrow on its face, is designed for a precise fit, reflecting the quality and attention to detail expected in Astera products.

It is the standard replacement for the latest Astera charging cases, including but not limited to, fixtures such as FP1 Titan, FP2 Helios, FP5 NYXBulb, FP6 HydraPanel, PB15 PixelBricks, AX1 PixelTube (MKII), and AX3 LightDrop (MKII). Its design ensures it is the most common latch, and often the only choice available, underscoring its importance for your lighting system's security.

Installation is straightforward, reusing the existing pin from your case's old buckle, although the package does not include a new pin or guidance; it's intended for those who are already acquainted with the Astera system's simplicity and ease of repair.

Choose the Astera Case Replacement Latch for a perfect, secure fit to your newer Astera cases, keeping your investment well-protected and ready for the rigors of on-location work. It's the singular, essential piece for your lighting case's longevity and security.


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