Power Distribution Cable for Hyperion Charging Case

Hyperion Charging Case Power Distribution Cable: Streamline your setup with one PowerCON input to four IEC outlets. Efficient and tidy power management.


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Simplify Power with the Hyperion Charging Case Power Distribution Cable

Introducing the Hyperion Charging Case Power Distribution Cable, the ultimate power management accessory for your Hyperion Charging Case. Designed to consolidate your charging setup, this cable transforms a single PowerCON input into four IEC outlets, powering multiple units within your case.

  • Convenient Design: Features one True1 PowerCON input and four IEC connectors to efficiently power your Hyperion case's internal power supplies.
  • Streamlined Setup: Reduces cable clutter, allowing for a clean and organized charging station.
  • Durable Build: Crafted for reliability with high-quality connectors, ensuring secure and stable power distribution.

This distribution cable is the perfect companion for the Hyperion Charging Case, enabling quick, hassle-free charging for all your lighting equipment.

Product Specifications:

  • Input: One True1 PowerCON connector for reliable power input.
  • Output: Four IEC outlets for simultaneous power supply to multiple chargers.
  • Construction: Robust cabling designed for use in demanding production environments.

Choose the Hyperion Charging Case Power Distribution Cable for a centralized power solution that brings efficiency and order to your charging regime.

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