Separating Foam for Titan/AX1 MKII Charging Case

Titan/AX1 MKII Case Separating Foam: Essential factory replacement foam for Titan or AX1 MKII Charging Cases. Protects tubes and clips during transport, doubles as storage for 8 Astera Wing Plates.


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Factory Replacement Separating Foam for Titan/AX1 MKII Charging Cases

Ensure the longevity and integrity of your Titan or AX1 MKII Charging Case with the official Factory Replacement Separating Foam. Designed to fit perfectly between the top and bottom rows of tubes, this essential component plays a critical role in protecting your investment.

Key Benefits:

  • Clip Protection: Without this foam, the clips securing the tubes are prone to undue stress during transport, leading to potential breakage. Replacing missing foam minimizes this risk, safeguarding the tubes in their designated slots.
  • Added Functionality: Beyond its protective role, the foam is ingeniously designed to hold 8 Astera Wing Plates, offering additional utility and organization for your lighting accessories.

This genuine factory replacement part ensures a perfect fit and optimal protection for your Titan or AX1 MKII Charging Case. Simple to insert and requiring no special skills, it's an effortless upgrade that significantly enhances the durability and functionality of your case. Keep your lighting equipment secure and organized, both during transport and in use, with this indispensable separating foam.

Disclaimer: The accompanying photo is intended to illustrate the foam's position and use within the charging case. Please note that the charging case, lights, and other items pictured are not included with the foam.

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Dimensions 36.5 × 8 × 2.75 in