Astera Box Exo Skin Kit

Durable carbon fiber shell designed to protect the Astera Box ART7 from impacts and antenna breakage. Complete with a Black Anodized Aluminum L-Bracket and essential hex keys and screws.


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Experience advanced protection with this carbon fiber shell, featuring an additive-manufactured honeycomb structure, meticulously designed to shield the vulnerable Astera Box ART7 from impacts and drops. This kit not only guards the main unit but also offers dedicated protection for the antennas, which are prone to breakage. Complementing the carbon fiber is a Black Anodized Aluminum L-Bracket, equipped with 2 threads of ΒΌ-20 and 2 threads of 3/8-16. The kit also includes 2 M3X8 screws, 2 M3X14 screws, a 2mm hex key tool, and a 2.5mm hex key tool.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in