Rotatable Wallwash Filter for AX5 Triple Par

AX5 TriplePar’s Rotatable Wallwash Filter – Custom-align the elliptical beam with ease for perfect illumination on diverse surfaces.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

Discover unparalleled lighting control with the Rotatable Wallwash Filter for your AX5 TriplePar. This filter is the ideal companion for lighting scenarios where standard wallwash filters fall short, granting you the ability to align an elliptical 17° x 46° beam flawlessly with any surface.

Crafted from durable PMMA, the filter enables a rotational adjustment that is essential for precise, targeted lighting. Whether the task at hand is to accentuate the contours of an intricately designed space or to evenly light a wall from an angle, this filter ensures your lighting vision is realized without compromise.

The filter's rotation capability is not just a feature but a pivotal function that offers dynamic lighting solutions. It allows for a lighting setup that can be fine-tuned to match the exact requirements of the event or space.

Elevate the capabilities of your AX5 TriplePar with this Rotatable Wallwash Filter, ensuring that every location is bathed in the best light possible, no matter the angle or complexity of the surface.

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